Kelly O’Brien, The Artist

Kelly O'Brien

Hi, my name is Kelly O’Brien, and I’m a create-aholic. If there is one defining aspect of my life, I would have to say it is an obsession with creating things, anything really. Much of the creative work I do is interrelated, and each project I undertake will draw in many aspects of my creativity. I will try and break down my creative interests into categories here, but keep in mind I don’t really differentiate between them in a project.

Visual Art

I’ve been drawing/sculpting for as long as I can remember. Drawing with crayons, pencils or markers on this great pulp paper my father would bring home from the pulp mill he worked at. Sculpting with clay, dough or homemade “play-dough”. Creating robots, spaceships, flying machines out of cardboard boxes. The medium never really seemed to matter, I just had to have my hands working on something at any given time.

Art classes in school made “school” worthwhile in my eyes. As I got older into middle and high school, every year I attempted to make sure there was an art class of some sort in my schedule. Pottery, graphic design, general art, I did not care. Oddly enough, I had several instructors in subjects such as World History and Biology that encouraged me to draw maps, buildings, organisms, etc. Those classes I tended to stay more engaged with.

I was accepted to the Pacific Northwest College of Art in my early 20s, but finances wouldn’t come together, so I have pursued my artistic creativity on my own. When the chance to finally go to college in my early 30s presented itself, I originally had the plan to be a graphic design major. Alas, the call of cultural anthropology grabbed me, but I still included my love of art by focusing on visual anthropology. I had to get it in there somehow. 

Coding Art

My interest in coding I can trace back to learning BASIC on an old Apple computer in middle school. Of course, I’d draw with BASIC, making really blocky pixel drawings and making them move in a primitive sort of animation. This early exposure to very basic programming sparked a life long curiosity of how computer code works. 

Years later I do a lot of the coding for this and other sites. I work a lot in WordPress, Drupal, custom PHP/MySQL, Javascript, you know, webby stuff. I am mostly self-taught with a few workshops/classes here and there to fill in gaps and satisfy curiosity. Right now I am interested in HTML5/CSS3 for its visual aspects. I hope to integrate much of what I am learning now into future projects.

So you might ask why would someone who likes coding stuff also likes being artistic? Well, I don’t see it as being a dichotomy. Both engage me in very much the same way, only sometimes I get into writing code and being creative that way, whereas other times I feel more visual. They seem to equally poke my creative centers.

Written Art

I also write a lot. At any given time, I have several stories in several states of development. Words are funny things.  I like writing the stories, but writing about myself (like this bio) is extraordinarily difficult. I am interested in combining my visual art and writing into forms such as graphic novels. When time permits, I will be diving deeper into this arena.

Recent Art

My more recent history takes me into video production/post-production and animation. These always seemed so out of reach for me when I was younger. Cameras and film were so expensive. Now I have many great tools at my disposal and projects in the works. I have already worked extensively doing video editing and post-production. Now I am expanding my knowledge and experience into production. Please take a look at our Youtube channel to see samples of my work. Also, subscribe to the channel, and you can be notified when new videos become available.


I suppose that concludes my bio. I imagine that I will update and change it frequently – I can’t quite leave things alone. I futz. But please, we have a Facebook page, a Google+ page, a Twitter account and a Pinterest account along with the Youtube channel I’ve already linked to. Please like us, follow us, put us in circles…etc. etc. etc.