Gallery – About Us

Welcome to our Kibble Gallery at Feral Beagle!

Why a Kibble Gallery?

We formed Feral Beagle, LLC in 2013 as a collaborative partnership between Kelly O’Brien and Christopher Lindberg. Our main site,, doesn’t differentiate between the two of us (it’s the dog, he wants all the attention…). The Kibble Gallery is designed to give you, our visitor, a better idea of what we individually contribute to Feral Beagle, LLC.

We also wanted to provide visitors with the ability to purchase our artwork via digital downloads. As such, many of the images displayed here are available for purchase and download. We have varying sizes and licenses to fit your needs, from desktop backgrounds to professional print applications. Click on the individual images in our gallery for more information.

If you are looking for hard copies, visit our Red Bubble site as well where you can purchase various print versions of our work. We have t-shirts, prints, stickers, phone cases…  well, Red Bubble has a lot there, and is always adding more. Please visit.

Also, please visit our Youtube channel to view our less “static” work. We have several projects up there already, with several more in the works.

Visit our Facebook Page and our Google+ Page and give us a “like” for updates and posts. We also do the Twittering – @FeralBeagleLLC.

We have many projects in the works. We are always creating more static art, both illustration and photography. More videos for the “OB” series are in the works, as well as original animation series (yeah, that’s right – animation).

Do you want to know more about us individually? Please visit our custom crafted pages in our menu. We have our own bios, galleries and we’ll even try to blog some! We write well, really. Maybe not as often as we should. But, we’re having so much fun getting lost creating stuff…you know…